Equus RPG

Equus RPG

Into the Afterlife

A fantasy equus play by post role play where characters experience an entirely new life after their death that they may or may not remember. The afterlife is not a kind place and this game has been designed with just that in mind. This dimension is packed full of chaos, confusion, and even dark terrors! It is unforgiving and this is their "last chance" at living (atleast here it is). But amidst it all they have somehow found a way to function as they did when mortals. This ever evolving new existence is propelled forward by our players' collaborative imaginations; we are here to build a community dependent upon everyone, not just administration. All of us have a chance to truly be a part in the growth of this game!

Rating: 3-2-3 / ESRB Mature 18+

Word Count: None

Interesting Features

The overall world takes place in an afterlife dimension giving plenty of room for you to:

  • Factory reset a character (memory wipe).
  • Write their final story.
  • Bring together loved ones that have passed on.
  • or whatever else

Hands off administration, just about everything can be updated and done by players. No more waiting for character approval, rank changes, judgements, etc.

Extensible world where our players will push forward SWP's and changes with their in character achievements alongside community voting and discussions.

Non-consent; a character's actions can swiftly follow with consequence – "In this type of roleplaying game, In Character consequences are favored. Your agreement to consequences doesn't matter in Non-Consent RPGs."

Uncontrolled character designs, restriction free as long as they are within the confines of the equus genus.

Age-less focus where characters are almost immortal. Age does not exist here unless you want to incorporate it for your character. However, characters can still pass away if they lose important pieces of themselves!

Tabletop interactions getting rid of writing judgment systems and focusing on activity (experience) and physical stats.

Free form NPC account that players can use to push their own threads or someone else's.

All welcoming, open writing, concept where private threads are forbidden. We are a community of writers creating a story.