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There is a network of deep foreboding chasms that stretch on forever; you can walk these for miles only to find yourself walking in circles. Everything in sight is damp and the humidity is overbearing. Against the walls of these chasms are structures littered throughout that are clearly not made by nature; these catacombs house ancient bones no longer intact but grown randomly into the rock. Sometimes it seems as if they move and wiggle through the rock like worms. Consistent showers of red fire leak through the tops, pouring against the main roadways. This fire is hotter than the sun and can melt flesh from bone in a matter of seconds. Built into the chasm's sides are cavern systems (great for seeking shelter from the rain) that connect all throughout but ultimately will lead you round and round if you're lucky enough to not encounter the ghostly figures with sharp teeth and red eyes.

Threading Notes

  • Cycles through dawn, midday, dusk, and night normally but always maintains a red glow and lighting for any time of day when going through chasms. Caves will not always have light.
  • It is always extremely hot, damp, and humid.
  • At night time screams, giggles, and other creepy sounds come from the caves. Do not engage, you have been warned.

Inferno Catacomb Chasms

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