Equus RPG

[FL] 18+ | 3-3-3 | Original Sci Fi/Fantasy


[Image: RDxK9OT.png]

Every world in the multiverse is set on a collision course with the others. When the reality of one planet spills into another, the effects can be catastrophic - just ask the Travelers. Since the beginning of time, these protectors of the multiverse have witnessed the rise and fall of worlds and fought tirelessly to combat the Traversal Events that threaten this natural cycle.

But they are losing this war. With the breaches of reality growing ever more dangerous and their own numbers dwindling dangerously low, the Travelers have begun to race toward their seemingly inevitable demise, a future they will do anything to prevent. Meanwhile, the multiverse that they so desperately defend marches on without them: infinite worlds, each with their own struggles, utterly unaware of their protector's plight or that their very reality could rip itself apart at any moment.

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