Equus RPG

Game Master

Game Masters oversee the entire site and all of its aspects including but not limited to: moderation, coding, software updating, plugins, features, handbook modifications, help that requires backend access, and many other things.

Just an adult who hates adulting. I'm in charge of keeping this place functioning properly. If somethings broken you should tell me so I can attempt to fix it whilewithout breaking other things. Apart from my backend duties I own two dogs and rabbit, I like to binge watch the same tv series over and over again because I hate new things, and I thoroughly enjoy cooking.

Primary Role(s): Coding, Software Maintenance, Plugins/Custom Scripts, Moderation, SWPs/Events, NPCs
Pixel pony, dinosaur, and dragon addict that has way too many hobbies and never has time for them all but still somehow manages it. Has been roleplaying on and off since about 2001 and has no intention of stopping now. If Spoopi is too long, you can call me Spoop, but never Poop. It'll make me sad.

Primary Role(s): SWPs, NPCs

Game Manager

Game Managers are responsible for things involving the game's growth, newsletters, SWP’s, NPC interactions, answering questions, front end moderation, and so on.

The farm gal that dosn't get enough animals at work, so got to rp them al well.

Primary Role(s): SWPs, NPCs


Those that have given some of their time to the management role are here for rememberance.

The mastermind behind the beloved NPC The Hellhound served us loyally since before opening until 7/10/23.
Writer of the first murderer in the afterlife, Esfir, and although it was an accident it will go down in our books! Served us loyally since before opening until 7/10/23.