Equus RPG

Writing Regulations

  1. Follow our rating for all content; 3-2-3 / ESRB Mature 18+. However, do not forget that we do not allow explicit sexual content.
  2. No powerplay, god mod, or retcon; unless the use of tabletop system(s) grant you the ability to do so OR you have player's permission.
  3. Quality over quantity; avoid fluffing and splicing.
  4. Every thread here is OPEN. Private threads do not exist outside of Dreamscape.
  5. There is no sense of time here, its not even liquid time, its just.. whenever. You determine the time frame.
  6. Do not spread yourself thin unless you are capability of providing love to lots of threads.
  7. Characters portrayed as non-adult cannot be involved with any form of sexual content.


Optional reading, this just gives details for the above guidelines.

Content Rating

All content must follow our game rating which loosely translates too:

  • Swearing and mature language is permitted, including in excess.
  • Sexual content is permitted with some limitations. Explicit/obscene writing must take place OFF this website OR you can 'fade to black' during the thread (this is not a smut board for ponies).
  • Explicit violence and gore is permitted, including in excess.


As per custom to all play-by-post role plays absolutely no:

  • Powerplay / God Mod (unless by luck of the dice or player(s) permission).
  • Retcon (unless with permission from all players involved).

Quality Over Quantity

While we do not have any word count requirements or writing level expectations the use of "rapid fire" posts is prohibited (generally one to two small sentences). Members should produce decent quality responses that avoid the use of post fluffing and/or splicing. We understand that everyone has their own unique way of writing but we aim to cut out the unnecessary but common use of fluffing and splicing. Creative and long posts are still welcome but avoid repetition.


Fluffing - The addition of unnecessary, repetitive or otherwise useless words to achieve a higher word count.

Splicing - The act of repetitive content in order to respond to multiple actions across the span of posts which creates unnecessary repetition of dialogue. Try to implement only one to two expressions of verbal communication per post.

All Welcoming Threads

Threads are open for anyone to join into with any character of their choosing, private threads are forbidden. This welcoming concept is meant to boost interactions between all members instead of groups or dedicated writing partners. However, please practice good role play etiquette when considering joining established threads by asking participants for permission; an established thread is one that has been ongoing back and forth for quite a few posts (at least 7).

The only exception to this rule is within the Dreamscape where interactive dreams can only support up to two souls at a time; it is the only board that acts like private writing BUT threads cannot be closed for one specific responder, they will need to respond before someone else to claim the thread.

Spreading Threads & Timelines

If you engage in multiple threads at a time please do so sparingly according to your time constraints and personal limits. Respond to all threads you are in without bias.

There is no sense of time here, its not even liquid time, its just.. whenever. You determine the time frame.

Young Characters

Under no circumstance may a character portrayed as non-adult be written with any type of sexual content.