Equus RPG

Wiki Usage

The wiki is used as a collection for miscellaneous and non-essential (not in the handbook) information.

It is constructed and edited by the entire community. Housing information for history, characters, family lineages, groups, events, and more. Hosting all of this information is essential to our time together.

If you plan on creating or editing anything you must follow the wiki rules.


  1. Do not make heavy edits to personal pages (characters, non-public NPCs, plots you did not engage in, lineage history you are unsure of, etc.).
  2. If you come across broken, outdated, or inacurate content (be it code or the content itself) either a) fix it OR b) notify the community for help.
  3. If templates are available for specific content pages use them. We aim for uniform content where applicable.
  4. Don't use things you do not have permission to use (images especially).
  5. Additional guidelines outlined in the wiki itself for specific areas must be followed in addition to these basics.
  6. Never delete. Only edit/modify if necessary.


Contributing & Editing

Feel free to create new documents for anything you desire so long as it is not a document that already exists.

If you add anything that was not created by you provide credit.

When it comes to editing please avoid making heavy edits to personal pages. Pages such as a character that does not belong to you, non-public NPCs, plots you did not participate in, information on lineages that you are not 100% certain on accuracy, groups that do not belong to you (unless they dictate otherwise), player based events you did not participate in, and so on. Overall if you cannot contribute via rules or accuracy please just read.

If you find any sort of broken, outdated, or inacurate content (the code or content itself) feel free to edit and fix if you are capable and confident about it. If you are unsure that it is something you can fix please drop a notice in the #peer-assistance channel on Discord and someone else will get to it.


All wiki content formatting should be kept simple, responsive, and not overbearing. While formatted pages are aesthetically pleasing that is just not the intent of the wiki. Remember this is for archiving purposes and nothing more.

Use Templates If Available

Some sections of the wiki have templates available for use. These templates are either created by the management team or are created by a member and approved by the team. This keeps certain sections where pages will likely duplicate (characters, lands, groups, etc.) uniform in aesthetic making them easily recognizable as what they are meant for.


If you add images to any part of the wiki you must have the permission to use it on a public platform as well as the permission to allow Equus RPG the right to use it and house it as well.

Can absolutely be used: creative commons, public domain, etc.

Attribution is a requirement no matter your permissions.

Permissions & Guidelines

Some wiki pages will have specific permissions for what is allowed and is not allowed to be edited; especially if they are personal pages. Additionally they can have their own guidelines for producing sub-content within the category like templates or requirements. Ensure you follow additional information!

Malicious Intent

While we don't expect this to happen it has to be addressed. If you are found engaging in malicious activity on the wiki you will be removed from our site altogether (following our no assholes allowed policy).