Equus RPG

Foundation Statistics

Foundation statistics never change which is why they are the foundation of your characters tabletop systems. We put a higher value on other statistics but these do play apart in most tabletop systems.

Strength (ST)

Physical strength determines how hard a hit blows, how much a character can move, and can also determine how many hits can be taken before defeat.

Speed (SP)

How quick a character can move, helpful for dodging.

Agility (AG)

Determines the over all reflexes of a character and how they could benefit from dodging incoming attacks/countering these attacks.

Endurance (ED)

Specifies how long a character can endure an activity.

Size Class (SC)

Indicates the size of a character which will in turn create bonuses or penalties for certain physical mechanics.

Attribution Statistics

Attribution stats change based on development but only SS and PP require the player to keep track of them.

Soul Shards (SS)

These indicate the amount of soul a character has left and once they are gone they are gone forever.

All characters start at 100 SS unless the player chooses otherwise.
Prosperity Points (PP)

Prosperity points are earned by sucessful outcomes in magic use OR physical altercations but are not earned by crafting or general physical interactions.

All characters start at 0 PP.
Level (LVL)

Calculated by the combination of PP and in character post count (actual in game activity).

This stat is automatically calculated.

Repuation (REP)

Is determined by fellow characters and their interactions with your character. Positive and negative reputations will cancel each other out. This can affect a characters anonymity in some ways.

This stat is automatically calculated based on received repuation.

Economic Class (EC)

States a characters financial situation and really holds no weight other than the economic class becoming public knowledge if shared.

This stat is automatically displayed if you opt in to share this through the "CONFIG - Display Economic Class" field.

Additional Details

Certain attribution statistics have their own guidelines that are followed or must be followed. We have outlined addtional information below.

Soul Shards

A soul is made up of one hundred shards. Each of these shards generate your characters physical and spiritual presence in the afterlife. Upon surfacing in the afterlife almost all characters have 100 shards; 100% of their soul. However, sometimes players choose to start lower and that is fine they just won't have as many chances as other will.

Shards can never be gained and can only be lost. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. Shards are lost when passing away, the phenomenon of collapsing realms, and sometimes lost when using magic, depending on the outcome and consequence roll.

Losing shards can have different effects to a characters physical or mental state; this we leave up to player discreation and creativity. Lost soul shards are also sometimes used as a penalty in certain rolls.

Prosperity Points

Characters engaging in magic use or phsical altercations (actual fights) earn PP when successful. PP will help boost a characters level and will never max out; it grows and grows and grows.


Engagement and activity matters here so we have based our leveling system around a characters written post count and their prosperity. Each level will come with its own bonus for certain rolls!


  • One – Less than or equal to 50.
  • Two – Less than or equal to 75.
  • Three – Less than or equal to 113.
  • Four – Less than or equal to 170.
  • Five – Greater than 170.

Reputations are permanent!

This nifty feature is given to a specific post/interaction. Repuation votes are given by characters and not players! These should always be given from your characters point of view/words, write them as if they were speaking. This is their opinion of that character's feat and not the character as a whole and can only be given if your character is a participant of that thread.

Characters with a very low negative repuation or a very high positive repuation may find their feats, name, or some other details flowing through the "grape vine"; which basically means other characters can hear of or know of your character without having an actual interaction with them. But they will not know specific details without having actually heard them through IC interactions.


These numbers indicate anonymity compromise:

  • Negative 25 – Sitting at a whooping -25 or less.
  • Positive 25 – Sitting at a whooping +25 or more.

Economic Class

This stat really doesn't hold any weight other than the possibility of being classified as poor, okay, or rich. It simply states a characters financial situation as public knowledge but ONLY if you opt in to share this through the "CONFIG - Display Economic Class" field.

A characters actual count of gold will never be displayed, only their class.


  • Lower – Less than or equal to 700.
  • Middle – Less than or equal to 2,000.
  • Upper – Greater than 2,000.

Gold is rather hard to come by if a character does not mine when mining events happen or engage in business like activity. Its likely that the majority of the population will always remain lower class but we hope that this will encourage some creativity with economics from our players.