Equus RPG

Relaxed Mode

  03/31/23 to Present

Our initial goal was to exit beta mode by the 1st of April but we just aren't there yet! Some systems have had very minimal use and others none; it would be improper to release ourselves from beta into official play knowing that these systems have not been thoroughly combed through. So we bring to you a beta legacy relaxed mode!

It seems fair to assume that the lack of use for these systems comes from both time constraints (we're all adults here) and the thought of permanent repercussions to characters statistics (particularly SS) just to test these systems. Once we exit relaxed mode SS repercussions from mechanics will become reversible.

Relaxed mode will be in place until further notice. We will exit this stage of game play after we have achieved what we are out to get in regards to feedback and use of the systems.


  • Game play is normal! Characters will continue to accrue PP and REP. LVL will continue to rise with post count and PP.

  • Mechanics may change periodically if changes are deemed fit/necessary to fix issues or incorporate more necessities.

  • Lost SS can be reset to their original states when relaxed mode is lifted (meaning lost SS from rolls are voided). This is up to you though! It is not a requirement.
    • This is a thank you for testing our systems and also to encourage folks to use these systems without worry of repercussions for their characters. Consider this your beta legacy prize.
    • Available resets from the date of opening (since the beginning of our time) and not limited to the start of relaxed mode.
    • If your character loses all of its shards during relaxed mode you can reset them to their initial state to keep going until relaxed mode is over (repeat the cycle if necessary lmfao).
    • You may also, if you wish, restore SS to 100 even if your character initially joined with less.

  • The handbook will probably receive a few face lifts/changes to fix any vague areas or to make adjustments as needed.

Feedback Forms

Please go enjoy this stage of rampant chaos without repercussion!! And then give us your final thoughts of the site and mechanics!


Give us your thoughts on Crafting, Magic, PE & Altercations, Theft, Gold (Coin), and NPC's.


Pour out your heart and soul into a collective list of thoughts in regards to the site! This can be more than just how we handle things. Talk about the web design, the wiki, ideas, griefs you have related to how somethings done, etc. etc. We really want to hear it all.