Equus RPG

Non Consent Game

This is a non consent role play which means we favor in-character consequences and realism to true character natures.

Your agreement to consequences or confrontational interactions does not matter here!

This system is used for physical confrontations or any situation that may moderately harm a character. For minor physical interactions, magic, or similar this does not need to be used.

Suggest, Confront, Do (SCD)

SCD was built as a fall back system so that characters could advance in action without limits, and without individual permissions, up to fatal confrontations by using the tabletop systems. It was however built to allow some wiggle room for de-escalation by exiting/removing the opposing character from a situation.

  1. Suggest - Post 1 (First Warning) – Mention your character's intention(s) within the post dialogue.
  2. Confront - Post 2 (Second Warning) – Character will physically or verbally express an advancement towards action.
  3. Do - Post 3 (Third Warning) – Character will take action with you using the appropriate tabletop system(s).

SCD does not have to be defined in OOC notes but you are welcome to clarify such if you wish.

System Abuse

Abusing the system by constantly fleeing if your character has been the antagonizer will not be tolerated.

An antagonistic character can flee (step away from the confrontation) from the opposing character on two different occasions. On the third fleeing will not be an option! The tabletop systems can be carried out by the opposing character without SCD.