Equus RPG

World Events

In the afterlife there are common occurences where something happens. Details on events are usually within the event itself but generalized information is located here.

Players will never be forced to participate with their character(s) in any type of event, SWP, or version switch.


Most events will revolve around the phenomenom of expanding or collpasing realms but there are other occasions for official events that your character may be eligble to earn awards from.

Realm Expansion

As UCE grows realms will appear. Leading character personality alignments will be slightly mimicked in the realms landscape/feel but other than that they are pretty random.

Unlike collapsing time frames we check for realm expansion oppurtunities at the beginning of every month!

What happens when one expands?

They usually don't make much noise unless they are for some reason introduced with an official event. You can choose how your characters knows about the new realm. They could have accidentally found its passage way in the reach, felt its call, or even heard someone else talking about it. It really doesn't matter.

Realm Collapse

Every realm that developes inside the Ethereal Reach requires a minimum power charge of 2000 UCE. Since UCE is in a constant state of fluctuation based on characters losing soul shards, collapsing realms will wreck havoc upon characters. However, we check for this three times a year (Apr, Aug, Dec) so that realms aren't expanding and then collapsing immediately because that wouldn't be very fun.

If the UCE count goes below the required amount members are welcome to add spice to their threads in expectation of an upcoming collapse. It is safe to assume that realms may surge, portray landscapes oddly, or even feel glitchy when UCE isn't where it should be!

What happens when one collapses?

Every character that has participated in a thread that was posted in the last two weeks before the collapse will be at risk for death, determined by random dice.


For the most part SWP's aren't a big part of ERPG, in fact they are usually few and far between! SWP's kick off if things start to feel stagnant OR upon version upgrade.

Version Upgrades
Sometimes stories start to repeat themselves so to counteract possible loss of interest we will enact a version change. How the change is made, what the change alters, and other details are released upon the upgrade. We don't expect this to happen often and they will only be used when needed.