Equus RPG


Stealing in the afterlife is a sort of easy but that's because Essentia Mortis believes in chaos and disorder; the afterlifes soverign actually encourages this terrible behavior. Will very successful theives gain the beings attention? Or will it just silently chuckle in amusement, cheering you on from the world around you? Who knows.


The roll consists of 1d20+(ED/10)+(AG/10)+(PP/500) and nothing else. Outcomes are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Outcome Results
  • 0-5 Critical Fail – Unsuccessful and the owner of whatever you're trying to steal caught you red handed. Will you be confronted?
  • 6-11 Fail – Unsuccessful, the owner of whatever you're trying to steal is super close and if you don't change course you'll be caught.
  • 12-16 Success – You snatched the item but the owner is aware you took off with it, they might be after you!
  • 17-20+ Absolute Success – You stole it and no one knows you have it.

Earning PP

Absolute success is the only outcome that earns PP at a rate of +1.