Equus RPG

Physical Exchange

Designed to be used for behavioral correction and nothing more. If your character's intentions are more than just setting another character "straight"/enforcing boundaries/gentle gestures then you need to use the altercation system. Any character (PC or NPC) can make use of this system.

Minor nips/bites, nudges, light kicks, or anything of a similar nature.

Make sure your character is prepared to reap the consequences of their actions; some may not take kindly to being corrected which can lead to an altercation that skips the required "suggest" post and they can jump straight to the "confrontation" post (SCD).

Behavioral correction would fall along the lines of invasion of personal space, being too rambunctious, causing angst, and so on. An example would be, like in my younger days, my mother would give me a small pinch if I started acting a fool in public.

This type of physical exchange does not use dice. It is considered automatically a successful outcome IF it is realistic to the proximity between characters ("Could your character have really achieved a bite if they aren't right next to their target?" type of realism).

Always clarify in footnotes of the post you are making use of a PE and not initiating an altercation without SCD as folks may get confused.


Fighting moves specific to its own class and can earn everyone prosperity points. Our SCD system was created specifically for this purpose; allowing characters to be of their true nature and advance in action without limitations and individual permissions. Any character (PC or NPC) can make use of this system.

Types of Altercations
  • Spars and practice; will probably be less dramatic and end when someone starts to show signs of concern or they’ve finished practice.
  • Spats and fights; a good way to resolve frustration/anger towards another or if your character is just the type to attack in general (provoked or unprovoked).
  • Death match; any fight that continues on until a character dies.
Stats & Details

A characters base stats are used to determine their attack, damage, defense, advantage, and health stats. Each one has its very own calculations that are automatically adjusted by the site on a characters "My Dice" page (accessed when creating a new reply to their dice log).

Additionally we do calculate size modifications for an added fairness between different size classes.

If you are interested in the calculations and want to know how this works see the help center documentation.


The health bar serves no purpose in the dice itself. It just determines when a character is approaching their maximum abilities to take anymore hits. A characters starting health is noted on the my dice page, this is per fight thread (they're health resets) but you are welcome to start at a lower health percentage if you wish.

  • 30% health means a character is becoming seriously fatigued and facing unconsciousness.
  • 15% left of health results in unconsciousness.
    • When a character falls unconscious they are susceptible to more hits from their opponent who can continue on until death. This is at the opponent's discretion and if they lack morals, are fueled by rage, or whatever problem they have they may not be morally swayed to discontinue.

Rolling Information

All rolls are made BEFORE you post your characters IC response. These rolls will help guide you through the writing accuracy. You will only roll up to two items. The attack and the damage. If the attack roll is a miss you will not roll for damage outcome.

Attack – A singular roll that will determine attack success.

  • If the result is greater than the opponents defense calc the attack hits!

Damage Rolls – Two sets of dice are rolled in a single post, this will determine accuracy and value.

  • Roll 1 – Determines the attacks accuracy. This basically tells you if the attacker had a problem doing what they initially intended to do. Attack still hits it just may not be the same 'attack' they meant to do.
    • 0-1 = Flop – Attack different than what the attacker was trying to do.
    • 2 - Fault – Minor hiccup, maybe they miscalculated the distance.
    • 3 - Accurate – Almost no error but something miniscule was off.
    • 4 - Precise – Attack performed exactly as intended.
  • Roll 2 – Rolls for damage value which will be the health deducted from the opponent.
    • The closer damage dealt is to the max damage possible (which is the total of 8 + attackers damage stat) the more severe the attack is. Use this to help determine the type of attack you intend to make.

How To Roll

Don't fret on how to calculate all of this, your characters dice page will do it for you!

  1. Go to the characters Dice Log.
  2. Click "New Reply"
  3. Click "My Dice Formats" (orange highlight button top right)
  4. Click "Altercation Rolls".
  5. Input opponent's size class and defense stats (shown in their profile/postbit mini profile).
  6. Click submit.

The page will walk you through step by step. Only if your attack hits then you will roll the damage rolls.

At the bottom of the page is your "Post Response Template". You'll copy that and paste it at the end of your reply to the IC fight thread.

You will be responsible for keeping track of your characters health bar throughout the thread, this response template autopopulates their starting health!

Other Information


For every individual fight where the character has seven successfull attack hits they will earn +1 PP.


When your character is the champion of an altercation they will earn +3 PP, which can be in addition to the "general" earned PP.

A champion, victor, falls under one of these scenarios:

  1. Highest amount of successful hits at the time the altercation stops.
  2. Result of any type of forfeiture by opponent.

Note – PP may only be earned from fights using the altercation system. Predetermined winners or using alternative dice methods will not earn PP.
Activity (Default)

This game has been designed for a super relaxed environment that disregards most all activity requirements except for altercations. You will have two weeks (14 days) to respond to the opponent before the altercation defaults to the opponent as champion. The fight may continue on at your own paces but the victor has already been declared by site standards.

Absences and/or busy status' will not dictate any mercy for your character.

Back Down

Characters can accept defeat, bow down, or beg for mercy at your discretion. However, the other character can continue to attack at their discretion; moral compass will likely sway this decision.


Upon unconsciousness and/or death the character is considered defeated.

While we write fantasy ponies in a fantasy world try to maintain an aspect of realism when making attacks and determining damage.

Dismemberment, broken legs, heavily bleeding wounds, etc. can result in death. Certainly a broken leg would keep a character from being able to retaliate/attack back properly. If your character is quite literaly in a position where retaliation just isn't realistically going to be as great as the dice might dictate you can roll for the attack but it is suggested that you notate issues and alter dice modifiers to negative numbers.

All powerful, all knowing, all 'ready' characters are just frowned upon both here and anywhere else you will go; avoid them at all costs.

Report Forfeiture's & Errors

Please report any forfeiture type and/or errors for altercations by clicking the "Report" button at the bottom of the post and selecting the appropriate report type! The ERPG Official account will go through and notate forfeitures and/or fix errors. The only people who will know you have made a report are team members.