Equus RPG

Non Player Characters

We make use of NPC’s in the exact way we make use of PC’s. Every NPC used is required to follow the same rules as anyone else when it comes to writing. Mimicking all foundation statistics but only SS and LVL for attribution statistics; they will interact with PC’s no differently than PC’s against PC’s.

These nifty little “side” characters will make a great tool to boost chaos, confusion, fun, plot thickeners, and so much more. Use this tool to play all of your non equine characters or to just have some honest fun!

  1. All NPC’s must have a profile logged in the Wiki. These profiles are basically identical to character profiles and very easy to set up.
  2. Abuse of NPC’s will get you banned; do not use this account for personal vendettas.
  3. Using an NPC in a thread means you should have the time and ability to participate without holding a thread hostage. You should always respond, when it is your turn, within no more than 72 hours.
  4. Types of NPC's will vary from realistic to fantasy and they are not limited in species. They can be equus or something else entirely!
  • Official – Tied into the site itself these NPC’s are mostly used for events, quests, etc. and usually the encounter results in earning something. These particular NPC’s are subject to having higher foundation stats and levels due to their nature of use.
  • Private – They’ve been added to the database for use by a specific person or persons so they do have usage restrictions.
  • Public – They are available to be used by anyone.

Creation, Using & Logging


Sign in to the Wiki Master account and click "Create New NPC" in the database page.

No different than creating a PC profile you will need to create statistics and fill out the basics of their appearance with a few other optional things.


When you open an NPC’s database profile you will see a blue accordion alert towards the bottom that says Use “NPC Name”. Clicking this will open the code to copy and paste into your NPC post. It will link to the NPC’s profile as well as provide some basic NPC information. This is required to be included for all NPC posts.

Any mechanics you make use of (magic rolls, death rolls, altercations, etc.) will be rolled in the NPC Dice Roll dice log. This is in the NPC accounts quick links.


NPC's will ONLY log their posts inside their database profile. These accounts do not have official development logs like PC's do. Logging of posts just logs that NPC's post count to boost their level. This is not required but it is encouraged.

NPC profiles can be edited and you do have the ability to alter the original statistics but it is against the rules to do so! Once an NPC has been used in character NO FOUNDATION STATS may be altered. If you are caught altering them at a later date the NPC will be removed!


The wiki board for NPC's houses a collection of NPC's that may be used publicly or for specific member(s).