Equus RPG


Beyond the energy of souls powering this dimension magic sits at its very core guiding this world. It is abundant and readily available at any whim but Essentia Mortis has a twisted sense of humor; deciding that the price to use its magic is very costly. In an effort to entice its new influx of companions to use magic, essense of the afterlife expelled magic in its raw form from the tops of the Ethereal Reach leading to confusion, questions, and even some harm.


  1. Magic has no bounds; it knows no specifics (one type of power, elemental, etc.) except at player discretion. Characters may attempt to use magic for any reason they wish.
  2. Using it cosumes soul shards via an additional roll that says how many shards disappears on use.
  3. Criticial failures lead to side effects that can be permanent; player creativity and discretion to be used.
  4. This system only refers to active magic; please see the Characters page to view details on passive and aesthetic magic.


Magic dice take into account soul shards, level, endurance, and properity. Lost soul shards is known for causing penalty or negative modifiers to the modifiers calculation. If you're interested in the details of these dice see the help center documentation.

This consists of two rolls. One determining how many soul shards are lost during use and the outcome of success.

Earning PP

Any instance where a character rolls success OR critical success they earn PP, so don't forget to add that to their dev log and update their profile field.

  • Success: +1 PP
  • Critical Success: +2 PP

Decoding Outcomes
  • Critical Failure – Either nothing happened or something very miniscule did; either way its a super fail.
  • Failure – You got something but not quite anything useful, it probably backfired a little.
  • Success – Somewhat worked out but not quite as you expected.
  • Absolute Success – Wow, you did it! Congrats! It works as expected.

Dice may change depending upon the state of the Afterlife and any Events/SWP's. Essentia Mortis is a mad being that controls these states on a whim.