Equus RPG

Gold (Coin)

In game currency is known as Gold but is sometimes referred to as Coin and on rare occasion some may call it something completely different. No matter the terminology its appearance is all the same and distinctly unique to this afterlife; golden in color, shimmering no matter the time of day, and imprinted with the shapes of two equine skulls surrounded by fine print designs. It cannot be forged or faked unless the recipient is a total fool.

Each account is gifted 200 gold pieces upon registration to start with but accounts will not earn gold via threads or posts. It is not an auto accruing system.

Notice: Gold cannot be transferred to another account without in character interaction (writing). Every character must work for more gold through in character interactions.

Gaining Gold

One Time Freebie

Consider the gold on your OOC account your one time extra freebie. You may transfer your 200 gold pieces to a character of your choosing, it does not have to be your own.


Gold is sometimes mined through events or SWP's and each instance has its own unique case and set of instructions.

Mined gold pieces come from the Essentia Mortis account which accrues gold pieces based on a number of different situations through game mechanics but most accrual is through pieces collected upon character deaths.

Character Interactions

Characters can sell goods/services, trade, gift, or even steal gold. Have fun!