Equus RPG


Although this is the afterlife, characters can die here but will be able to respawn up until they lose all of their soul shards (SS).


Death can occur in many different situations but is not limited to the following examples.

  • Player VS [X] – (PVE, PVP, PVNPC).
  • Using magic.
  • Collapsing realms (PVE).
  • Unfortunate interactions in the Dreamscape.

Tabletop Dice

Upon each occurence of death these two rolls must be made.

  • Roll 1d10, the outcome will determine the minimum amount of soul shards the character loses upon death (you are welcome to take away more).
  • Roll 1d50, the outcome will determine the minimum amount of gold pieces the character loses upon death (you are welcome to take away more).
    • Must be sent to Essentia Mortis account.
    • If the roll amount is higher than the amount of gold the character has then send what they have, they will not incur debt.


Characters can respawn after death up until they reach zero or negative soul shards (SS).

  • Respawning takes one week which means they cannot respond to any threads they were not actively a part of before death AND cannot create their resurfacing post until the seven days has went by.
  • Characters that respawn can undergo changes (including significant ones). Those that suffer signifcant damage to their health before death will slowly return to the state they were when they first came here (if you want - totally optional) which means earned scars, damage, or other things may fade with time.
  • Upon return they will resurface below the water the same exact way they initially arrived in their official Depths thread. Initial spawning and all respawning must be done in the same thread!

Permanent Death

Characters will pass away permanently (lost to the void) from losing all of their soul shards (SS).

Permanently deceased characters are moved to the deceased group. We ask that these characters information/profile are added to the wiki after death for storage and memories because this group is eligible for purge (account deletion) upon the need to reclaim storage space but it is certainly not a requirement.