Equus RPG


Our crafting system covers literally any form of creation whether its a trinket, tool, armor piece, herbal tea, spell book, and so on. However, not everything will require the use of dice! Dice are only used if the craft is a mechanic enhancement for altercations or magical in nature. For the sake of simplicity the building of homes, structures, shops, or anything of that nature do not use any type of system.

Anything crafted in game must be documented in our Wiki's Craft Database board. It is a mass directory of crafts with all relevant information alongside restrictions. Additionally it will hold the use case information that dictates if the craft is no longer available/has been used up where it will then move off to the archives.

Before Death – Personal Items Notice

Crafting does not include any personal things relevant to a character before death (so jewelry, armor, belongings, etc. that followed them into the afterlife). These things are considered a part of the characters essence here IF they arrived with it. But they are void of any dice required crafts use cases so old magic necklaces will no longer be magical and armor isn't really of any use as it won't add enhancements to mechanics.

General Crafts

Anything created outside the scope of dice required crafting is not regulated. Have fun, be creative, do as you please with this but don't forget to log the item in the Craft Database.

Lets say, for example purposes, your character is a healer and lover of herbs that do all kinds of good things. That character can make a business of collecting herbs and mixing them together to create tinctures that can have healing affects. Something along this nature is considered such a small thing we don't regulate it. However, if there is magic infused that dictates it will heal upon consumption it would be a Magical Craft.

Dice Required Crafts

For anything that is a mechanic enhancement for altercations or magical in nature dice will be required for that extra bit of spice.

Any dice crafted item that is over a year old (see wiki entry date) will begin to lose its power and will likely not be as useful as the outcome made it originally. By a year and a half the item is absolutely useless; just a relic at that point.


If you create a magical craft you'll use the magic mechanic as normal specifying the use case as "magical ____ (whatever it is)" and then describing what the craft is meant to do in the description. The magic mechanic outcome will determine how useful the craft actually is (don't worry, if you plan on selling an item that isn't a critical failure the buyer probably won't know its a piece of crap until they try to use it, or if it has visible flaws, or if your character is honest).

  • Critical Failure – Nothing happened, you failed, the craft isn't crafted.
  • Failure – Its something... just not much, definitely won't do what you think it will do; might even backfire on the one whom wields it.
  • Success – It works but not to its full capacity; better than nothing right?
  • Critical Success – Does as expected, congrats!

Magical crafts have a shelf life! Shelf life is typically dependent on the magic roll outcome and age.

  • Failure – One Use
  • Success – Two Uses
  • Critical Success – Three Uses

Mechanic Enhancement

Oh yes, characters can make creations that will add minor features such as a damage bonus, defense bonus, or auto success hit! Things like official armor would fall under this category.

For the time being Mechanic Enhancement crafts are locked and will be expanded upon at a later date.