Equus RPG


The game operates with a few different preset mechanics and systems. Their respective pages are linked below. Please don't feel overwhelmed, most of these pages are small and just to help you understand what is happening.

Dice Notice – Do not feel threatened by dice or mechanics! Use of dice is extremely simple and your correct rolling process for different mechanics is available on your My Dice Formats page; it is all COPY & PASTE. You don't really have to do anything.

Dice Systems

Physical Exchange & Altercations
Anything physical (such as fighting, kicking, biting, etc.) that a character does to another character must use one of these systems.

Our crafting system covers literally any form of creation whether its a trinket, tool, armor piece, herbal tea, spell book, and so on. However, not everything will require the use of dice!

Death & Respawning
Although this is the afterlife, characters can die here but will be able to respawn up until they lose all of their soul shards (SS). Death requires two dice rolls to determine SS and gold lost, then a character will wait 7 days to respawn in The Depths. Eventually a character will face the end and permanent death will follow.

Magic sits at the very core of this world. It is abundant and readily available at any whim but Essentia Mortis has a twisted sense of humor; the price to use its magic is costly.

Thievery is real and this is can be a rather unhappy hostile place, if you're character wishes to steal something from another they must use the theft system.

General Systems

Gold (Coin)
In game currency is known as Gold but is sometimes referred to as Coin and on rare occasion some may call it something completely different.

Non-player characters provide a range of oppurtunities here for player characters; it also gives members a chance to write something other than just their own characters. They follow all the same guidelines as player characters including dice mechanics and stats.

World Events
In the afterlife there are common occurences where something happens. Details on events are usually within the event itself but generalized information is located here.