Equus RPG

Code of Conduct

This is a community of writers telling many different stories collaboratively under one roof. If you cannot play nice or appropriately you will be removed without warning. We have a strictly enforced "no assholes allowed" policy.

  1. Treat everyone with the utmost respect.
  2. Practice open communication with your fellow writers.
  3. Respect all copyrights and always provide credit where due.
  4. Understand that we do not have a content warning policy and that warning tags are posted at member discretion. If something bothers you discontinue reading.


Optional reading, this just gives details for the above guidelines.

Treat Everyone With Respect

Everyone has different feelings, views, and opinions. The internet is not a fictional world; it is an extended dimension of real life and behind every username is a real face, a real person. A good rule of thumb, when it comes to engaging with the community, is that if you would not say this to their face you shouldn't say it here. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Any racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, ableist, or otherwise disrecptful/hateful speech will gain you a permanent non-discussable ban for all of eternity.

Practice Open Communication

We expect members to resolve their own conflicts, miscommunications, or other events. If you are unable to do so we suggest avoiding each other.

This is a self-policed community other than serious offenses/conduct violations or small nudges from the management team. If you notice a member not following standard procedures or etiquette in the role play world give them a little nudge in the right direction.

Respect Copyright & Give Credit

Ensure that anything you are using/sharing here, or within our discord server, is able to be used that way. If you violate copyright or licenses we will remove the content.

Always give credit where credit is due, particularly if it is not solely yours. This includes but is not limited to: ideas, photography, digital art.

Content Warning Etiquette & Reactivity

When it comes to triggers or phobias the options are vast and wide with varying degrees of level. With that said, if you think the content you are producing might have some questionable things perhaps consider including a warning tag in the post with a reason/list of reasons.

Warning others of potentially questionable topics is not a requirement and will not be enforced, this is an optional kindness authors provide at their own discretion. If you are viewing something and it starts to cause an issue for you, discontinue viewing immediately.

  • If your thread partner writes something that you cannot read you may inform them of such and either a) skip reading it but continue the thread OR b) discontinue the thread and have it archived OR c) the post creator can modify the post to remove the content.