Equus RPG


Character profiles, logs, and tabletop data are completely self managed meaning you will be in charge of accurately and fairly participating while keeping a record. Very few things will require administrative assistance (if any at all) but if you make an error you are welcome to reach out to the team for help.

Player Responsibility

  • Keeping an accurate character development log.
  • Creating and using a tabletop log for all mechanical systems.
  • Making sure the characters profile is updated when any information changes.


This is an equus genus game which means that any character created or played here, other than NPC’s, must be at-least 50% biological makeup within that genus (we also welcome extinct species). We have absolutely no other design restrictions.

Account Usernames

We encourage full names for characters but if you lack a last name or even a middle name for your character, just their first is fine. This helps differentiate with duplicate first names or similar names.

Usernames cannot contain "titles". Typically formatted as "the XXX". Usernames must be the name only. User titles can be set after registration if they have one.

Age Is Useless

Age has no relevant function here, characters will live and die probably several times here, but you are welcome to keep track of it in your own way on your own time schedule.

Passive Magic

Passive magic is anything of a simplistic nature that either attaches itself to a character's appearance or their ability to interact with others or the environment. This type of magic does not require the magic tabletop system and is just instead considered a part of the character's core and has no consequences.

  • Appearance Examples – floating, glowing, halo / translucent or chameleon body.
  • Interaction Examples – telepathic communication if unable to speak verbally / mild telekinesis to dress/undress, move smaller objects, or essentially act as hands instead of hooves.


We consider companions a form of passive magic because while they are allowed (to any extent of species/amount) they don't actually exist in this dimension. Instead they are replicated by a characters imagination/memory and then projected into this world.

Note that companions are not solid objects because they are projections of the mind. They are nothing more than a mirage and are absolutely useless beyond moral/emotional support. They cannot exist anywhere your character is not!

You can include information about companion(s) in the "DETAILS - Extra" field.

Extreme Changes

We allow changes to a characters appearance, personality alignment, name, etc. under the impression it remains unique to the one individual character. That means any changes you make, especially upon respawning where significant changes can occur, must remain partial to the original character. You cannot use one account to play multiple different characters and benefit from the accounts statistics, experience, or other game mechanics that have upgraded with time and IC achievements.


Due to the nature of the way realms work here, surviving on soul energy, we have to mark characters inactive if they have not actively participated in the game for 120 days which is basically 4 months (checks post count). Characters that have gone inactive can easily be reactivated via their control panel.

Inactive characters are assumed lost in the Dreamscape and remain in a limbo state there and can easily be reactivated via the Activate Account > Character Account page at any time.


There are no pre-existing expectations for the way profiles are formatted. If you want to be fancy but have minimal code experience, or are unable to conform to our responsive design, seek help from the #peer-assistance channel on Discord.

  • Required – All STATS and DETAILS fields.
    • The appearance section must, at bare minimum, address the key features of a character. The color(s), items, clothing, scars, etc. anything you would expect other players to note/address properly. Feel free to use bullet points or whatever else; no specific requirements for word count or length it can be a hot mess of dropped information if you want.
  • Optional – Any EXTRA fields.


Logs store all important data to be referenced upon later by yourself or others. To set up a character's logs you will need to create a new thread in the development and dice boards following the instructions you see at the top of those pages.

Character Development

These are used to track character development, changes, progress, and other things. Logs are a reference tool to dictate a character's journey here and we emphasize their importance.

Always Log

  • Obtaining or creating items.
  • First spawning and all spawnings after.
  • Achievements such as but not limited to successful theft.
  • Physical changes such as but not limited to: earning a scar, color/marking alterations after death, new passive magic aesthetic.
  • Magic use and its likely consequence(s).
  • Death and permanent death.
  • Statistics that alter, particularly PP and SS.
  • IC group changes.

You can absolutely log anything else you please if you feel like it is grand or important enough to mention.

It would be best to play it safe and log every change (obtaining, losing, leaving, switching, etc.).

Tabletop Dice

All of our systems are based on dice. Almost every important thing a character will engage in here (like physical altercations, magic use, events, etc.) will require rolling in the tabletop log.