Equus RPG
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World Information

When a mortal being dies their soul leaves the body and begins its next journey. There are many afterlifes in different beliefs but the road to get there can be hijacked by something outside of what they may think exists beyond mortality. In this afterlife its sovereign is a being that cannot be physically defined as any type of creature. Not a devil, not a god, not a warrior. It is just an essence: Essentia Mortis.

The afterlife has no access to other dimensions (worlds) other than through The Depths but it is an entrance only. Once a soul has spawned in this afterlife their soul remains here until it has been completely consumed by Essentia.

Ever changing and without much consistency in its environment prepare for confusion and chaos.

Power Network

Within the confines of this world is a network of power that Essentia Mortis has designed carefully. Energy for its network is generated from the very souls that end up here. Although all energy here is used the main source of power is dead energy; that which has been permanently consumed after a character's time here has ended. DE helps stabilize the forever remaining realms known as The Depths, Ethereal Reach, and of course the Dreamscape that isn’t quite a realm.

Consumed Energy (CE)

The pieces that have been striped away from souls (lost soul shards) is what destroys realms as it takes away from UCE. As more souls appear the world will grow but as souls lose pieces of themselves the world will shrink this is referred to as the phenomenon of collapsing realms.

Unconsumed Energy (UCE)

The combined pieces of souls that have not been consumed (or lost) and still belong to the being it resides with. UCE is what powers the expansion of realms and their creation. All unconsumed energy creates a network of power that is unmatched in mortal dimensions. It is the magic, the life, of this very dimension.

Dead Energy (DE)

When a character finally loses all of its shards and permanently passes away that energy is diverted back to the main source of power and is what keeps the forever remaining realms afloat.