Equus RPG

Donate to ERPG

If you feel the need to spend real life currency on the game you can send a donation via Stripe or Venmo. Please note in your donation for EDreams in the "Reason" area so I know that it is to be used for such.

If you would like to donate something else such as but not limited to: art, time, love, etc. we accept that too! These donations are appreciated just as much as money (if not more).

All donations are very much appreciated but they will not gain you anything other than the ETeam's appreciation. However, you can claim the fancy "doner" award for your member profile!

Costs We Have (USD)

Yearly Domain: $14.76

Yearly Hosting: $19.99/mo ($239.88/yr)

Other: In some instances I won't use the money for domain or hosting. I may throw it back into our community for art raffles or similar things.

Donation Log
Name Donation Date
leely Design by ray-gunz (top left) for use on Equus for an official NPC. 4/13/23