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SWP - Darkness Awaits [Part 2]

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Although characters will feel the "pull" from any area of the afterlife, the task for this part is specifically set within the Inferno Catacomb Chasms. All SWP activity directly related to the task at hoof must take place within that realm. Any other SWP activity is at your discretion.

Part 2. - It Beckons

If time had any real concept it would have been approximately twelve hours that had passed before something in you started to get curious or concerned, if you hadn't already began to explore the new realm.

Whatever it is calls to you in whatever fashion makes the most sense to your soul. Does it whisper and promise you things? Does it sound like a loved one you never thought you would see again? Maybe it gives you chills and makes you nauseated? Or does it simply give you a warm fuzzy feeling? What is it that pulls you in or away?

Threads started with Part 1 (realm expansion) can easily transition into exploration, you do not have to create all new threads to begin working on this task.


Alignments CN, LE, NE, and CE are the most likely to be involved with this by either sheer desire or the overwhelming “urge” that beckons them to.

While N and LN may be guided slightly it will be their will that takes them forward if they choose.

But LG, NG, and CG are the least likely to be involved (with the exploratory task) as their alignment makes it hard for the tendrils of this magic to cling to their soul - they may even try to warn/stop others or guard the entry point with Balros.


No character is required to act on behalf of their persona alignment's likely involvement, these pre-determined outputs are just the basic/common structure of this entities "reach" into the mind/soul. However, characters of a lighter aligned nature will probably have a harder time at successful attempts.


Exploration: Find that which calls to you! Something is tucked deep within the chasms internal tunnel/cavern system. Whatever it is has the power to influence you to find it.
  • There are 10 stages of exploration for you to engage in as you’re able but the first character to pass the 10th stage will unlock the next part of the SWP.

  • The Inferno Catacomb Chasms is huge and has an enormous network of internal cavern systems similar to the way the Ethereal Reach does. However, these tunnels are a HUGE danger to character’s not of LE, NE, and CE nature! This will likely delay exploration for some.
> If you're thread partner(s) do not respond within 24 hours of your SWP thread you may skip them and continue on! If you feel held back, go forwards! Handbook designated time frames for skipping/rotation are voided in Part 2 SWP threads.


Each post made where your character is attempting to seek out and find the right path towards the thing that calls them forward should have dice rolled to determine the success rate. Dependent upon your characters persona alignment they will have a different roll available.

LG, NG, and CG

[h3]SWP - Darkness Awaits [Part 2][/h3][b]Safety VS Danger:[/b] Even number equals safe from demons. Odd number equals unsafe and requires NPC demon interaction.

[ul][li]Success w/o Danger - 40, 8, 24, >=46  (any even number above 45)[/li]
[li]Success w/ Danger - 33, 19, 15, >=45 (any odd number above 44)[/li]
[h6]Exploration Attempt Outcome[/h6] [roll=1d50-25]
LN, N and CN

[h3]SWP - Darkness Awaits [Part 2][/h3][b]Safety VS Danger:[/b] Even number equals safe from demons. Odd number equals unsafe and requires NPC demon interaction.

[ul][li]Success w/o Danger - 40, 8, 24, >=46  (any even number above 45)[/li]
[li]Success w/ Danger - 33, 19, 15, >=45 (any odd number above 44)[/li]
[h6]Exploration Attempt Outcome[/h6] [roll=1d50-10]
LE, NE, and CE

[h3]SWP - Darkness Awaits [Part 2][/h3][b]Safety VS Danger:[/b] This characters persona alignment voids the danger of an NPC demon attack.

[ul][li]Success w/o Danger - 40, 8, 24, >=46  (any even number above 45) AND 33, 19, 15, >=45 (any odd number above 44)[/li]
[h6]Exploration Attempt Outcome[/h6] [roll=1d50+15]
^ I will try to get these added to the "My Dice" pages by next week to make this easier to locate.

Success Log

Characters need to record each successful outcome in the "SWP - Darkness Awaits (Part 2 Log)" log. ONE post reply per character, you can come back and edit it as you add in new successful attempts.


The first character to finish all 10 successful rounds will push the SWP forward into its next phase. However, there will be three winners this round that we will receive super duper secret prizes. ;)

Current Event IC Notes:
  • Characters with a darker alignment will find themselves heavily drawn to the Inferno Catacomb Chasms, how is up to you. Those with a neutral alignment are likely to feel curiosity towards this realm but may not exactly be drawn to enter it. And those with a lighter alignment will probably feel uneasy, creeped out, sick, etc. though this remains at writer discretion.

  • Balros continues to harass folks coming and going. If you’d like a response or several from him please tag @SWP: NPC in the #ping-npcs channel on discord for best results. Alternatively you can tag the NPC account in the thread but this isn’t actively monitored.

  • All parts of the afterlife, excluding the Dreamscape, are subject to unusual activity which is entirely up to you to creatively decipher and make use of. An example could be the Ethereal Reach not always presenting itself at dusk. Another example could be glitchy effects with scenery/objects.
SWP Notes:
  • Part two is likely to take quite some time to finish; this means we have plenty of time for chaos and a little fun here and there. Perhaps even the lighter, good, characters will find themselves a purpose in trying to stop whatever is happening. Who knows at this point.

  • The Inferno Catacomb Chasms turns out to be an alternate universe that reached out and clung to Essentia’s afterlife dimension. This knowledge is NOT known to anyone other than Essentia Mortis itself, and Balros, and shall remain a secret until further notice.

  • Feel free to use the "SWP - Darkness Awaits" thread prefix for any threads specifically in relation to the SWP. This is not a requirement for general threads (though it is a great way to maintain basic involvement) but will be required for any threads where characters are engaging in SWP tasks/events.